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Grading on the Edge

I recently read a very interesting article about maintaining the accuracy of fine grading done with motorgraders. Written by Curt Bennink, senior field editor for Equipment Today; this article discusses moldboard systems and the problems that can contribute to an incorrect final grade.  Blade wear and machine slop are discussed as well as ways to [...]

October 5, 2009 in Paul's Blog
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The Money is Starting to Flow

ABC news reported today:  “ …, President Barack Obama, Transportation Department Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Joe Biden will announce approval for a $68 million highway project in Michigan — a project that marks the 2,000th transportation project funded by stimulus money.” Over the last couple weeks I have been watching our News section [...]

April 13, 2009 in Paul's Blog
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GPS Networks & Services to Double over next 4 Years!

Citing  a report by Position One Consulting, the worldwide value of GPS Networks and Services is forecast to rise from US$ 263 Million in 2009 to US$ 504 Million by 2013.  This is encouraging news considering the current economic landscape.  The report notes that adoption of GNSS products and services are yielding impressive productivity gains [...]

March 17, 2009 in Randy's Blog
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Resistance to Change

In my personal life, I really hate change.  This is strange for someone who has made their living by embracing new technology.  My problem with change is that it takes so much of my time. For example, I have been thinking about changing computer operating systems lately to get access to new applications and features [...]

March 9, 2009 in Paul's Blog
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The Cost of Re-Staking (sometimes it includes embarrassment)

Years ago, as a young construction surveyor, I attended the weekly safety meetings on a 12 acre commercial job site.  I had been surveying on-site everyday for the previous six months.  I had been doing a lot of free re-staking because the guys were cool and I wanted to be accepted as “one of the [...]

February 27, 2009 in Paul's Blog
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Grading Between the Stakes

Many years ago, I heard it said that all the good (experienced) finish grade operators were retiring. Of course, this can’t be correct as the younger guys can certainly be very good as well.  It was really a comment that fine and finish grading skills take many years of experience to fine-hone. One reason for [...]

February 24, 2009 in Paul's Blog
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