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Increased Productivity from Machine Control

February 23, 2012 in Paul's Blog

This month Machine Controil Online posted a very good article by Don Talend entitled “Leveling the Field”.  Not only is Don an excellent writer, but he obviously understands applications and the workflows of grading contractors.  In his story (found at ) he highlights the utilization and financial benefits of  machine control.

In the article the contractor states that “ the system paid for itself on the first project”.  This type of statement always catches my eye as  I have long had a love of numbers and return on investment calculations.  However, the contractor does not go on to say what additional profit he made on the next projects he used that machine control system on.  If the system cost him, say $75,000 and he recovered that expense on the first job, then it made him an additional profit of $75,000 on the second job and the third and the fourth, etc.  This is the financial benefit that is most often overlooked.  Often the break-even point is solely focused on when new purchases must be charged to the current job, but the longer-term returns are significant.

I hope you enjoy Don’s article and look for statements about increases in productivity and cost savings that are realized by deploying machine control technology on the projects described.

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