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06 Rodney Sellers; Go Speed Grader

February 23, 2012 in Marco's Posts

“The grader install will be done today.” said Robert Crane. Rodney was happy to hear this, he could now do what he told Hanna; get the rest of the dirt work on her shopping center site done. A call to Tony Valenzuela got things rolling. “We need to do a full court press on the job for Hanna.” said Rodney. “I made a deal with her and need to make good on getting the parking lot and building pad done quick” Tony agreed and Rodney knew by the end of the day there would be plenty of activity on the site, another problem solved.

In an effort to verify his hard work on the site was not going unnoticed, Rodney dropped by to see Hanna at her office across town from the job site. He was greeted with a firm handshake and a smile.

“You threw a lot of people at my job, thanks” beamed Hanna. “I think I owe you a check and maybe even lunch.”

Rodney was taken back a bit, Hanna was all business and the invitation to lunch was met with a bit of uncertainty. Rodney figured nothing bad could happen because the lunch would be in a public place; though she could kick him out of her truck on the way back to the office while on the road.

“I really appreciate you taking care of us with this check.” smiled Rodney. “Lars has a habit of keeping us a step off the poor house all the time. I never know what to expect”

Hanna absorbed this and looked directly at Rodney. “Not to keep you confused, but I have a job offer for you.” whispered Hanna. “We are getting busy and we need another project manager to run some of our new work.” Rodney was stunned, this was not expected. He was told by a mentor of his if he was not recruited away at least twice a year, he was not doing a good job.

“I don’t know what to say.” said Rodney. “I will think about it and let you know.”

“Take your time, I know this is sudden.” added Hanna. “If you are interested, I will let you know the compensation package we are thinking about and see if it works for you”

After lunch, and shaking off the thought of changing jobs, Rodney got back to matters at hand. The company was always moving. Rodney’s job was to make sure that direction was forward.

Rodney took a call from Tony, the superintendent on Hanna’s parking lot.

“We had a neighbor near the job site call and complain about the noise. She has a baby and says he can’t sleep with all this ruckus and told us to stop. I told her we are able to make noise in this area until seven at night and would be done by five today.” said Tony

“You got things under control, why are you calling me?” questioned Rodney.

“Because she called the cops and the Dust control officer listed on the project notice at the front of the job site. We got a party here and nobody was invited. I got a job that is shut down, a dust control officer wondering why he is here and some cops trying to explain the law to a mad mother. Wanna come join the fun?” joked Tony.

Rodney knew what had to be done; his first responsibility was to the company and its reputation. This shopping center was an infill project, meaning it was surrounded by houses and other stores. Many locals tried to stop it and that did not help the mood of the neighbors in regard to the noise of five pieces of iron moving at the same time.

“I’m on my way, see you in twenty minutes.” said Rodney.

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