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The Fat Lady Has Sung – Not Seen via LightSquared Wireless Network

February 15, 2012 in Randy's Blog

Multiple media sources, including the Wall Street Journal, are reporting that the FederalĀ Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to revoke its year-old decision to allow the company LightSquared from proceeding with its mobile broadband system because of concerns it will interfere with GPS receivers.

Editors Note: I am understanding of both sides. The majority of my livlihood is directly related to the proliferation of GNSS. So I surely do not want this to be negatively impacted. But at the same time, I know that a ubiquitous wireless network brings better RTK GNSS as well as other related technologies. It seems this issue is an engineering challenge more-so than a political one, but that is what its become. Lets hope that wireless technologies are allowed to improve and compliment the GNSS, positioning world.

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