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January 16, 2011 in Marco's Posts

Follow the goofy blue bird.

Follow the goofy blue bird.

It seems everyone is talking about social media these days. I can’t seem to get to far down my Facebook page without at least a dozen messages regarding dining or sleeping.

I like my friends who are on Facebook. It has been great for those like me who graduated from high school in the 70′s (very late 70′s, thank you). We can keep in touch and I can see how their kids are doing and feel a bit of a connection. Like most things, we get a hold of a concept and love it to death. Social Media is no exception.

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are great vehicles. I just get tired of all the TMI (Too Much Information) we get from our keyboard happy friends. But hey, everybody is doing it, so I might as well jump in. Let me tell you, letting the world know you are in a Starbucks is one thing, but our Tweets are going to rock your world. Here is just a sample;

  • A contractor just called, they do need phase 2 after all.
  • Someone just hit rock while digging a retention. Need to redo the whole thing. Keep the same volume, no rock blasting, and don’t lose any parking spaces. Must be ready by 10 tomorrow.
  • Chad’s daughter gave him a cold, he sounds like Wolfman Jack.
  • Customer called from the field. “Is the blue line on my screen the back of curb?”
  • Called an engineer. “Your roundabouts are too small for a semi truck” We make this call usually twice a week.
  • Client called. “We did a one point localization and the job seems a bit off” If you understand this, you win 5 GPS geek points.

Of course the names will be changed to protect the guilty. I wonder if my Tweets are going to be as boring as “checking in at Tony’s Pizza”.

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