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The Money is Starting to Flow

April 13, 2009 in Paul's Blog Tags: , , ,


ABC news reported today:  “ …, President Barack Obama, Transportation Department Secretary Ray LaHood and Vice President Joe Biden will announce approval for a $68 million highway project in Michigan — a project that marks the 2,000th transportation project funded by stimulus money.”

Over the last couple weeks I have been watching our News section and checking the federal government’s Requests for Proposals in the RFP section of our site and I have seen more and more projects being let. (Further validation is in the above report.)  This is great to see and gives us a hope that things will improve over the months and years to come.  You may want to ask yourself how well you will compete for these new jobs when they are put out to bid.  What could be done to improve your competitive standing?   If you haven’t already done so; check out what other contractors are saying about the benefits they have realized by adopting machine control into their operations and how long it took them to get up and running. 

Did they finish jobs more quickly?  Did they save materials and reduce re-work? Were they able to achieve greater accuracy? Did they save on fuel and maintenance? 

You will find that the answer to all of these questions turns out to be “yes”.  Take the time to see what they have to say; perhaps their applications are similar to yours. These real-world testimonials can be found on all the machine control manufacturer’s web sites.  Many of them are short video files and won’t take very long to watch.  I hope your upcoming bids will be successful and you will be able to get your slice of the pie.




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