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World of Concrete, Day 2; Noise

February 4, 2015 in Marco's Posts

You can often tell how good a party is going when there is a level of conversation that fills the room. When you get the same level in a place as big as the Las Vegas Convention Center, you really notice. The buzz at this years show was that level.

Vendors at the event feel that attendance is better and people are buying. I saw much of the same. What is different in this show from past offerings is notable. There was always a decent presence with iron manufacturers and machine control brands. There was representation from all these groups but their offerings were tailored to the Concrete crowd. Iron manufacturers displayed skid steers, backhoes and small excavators. Technology companies focused on layout and measuring products. Upon talking to manufacturers, the consensus was to keep the presence tailored to the audience, use fewer resources and save the focus on machine control for ConExpo. A wise move and a cost saver.

I was intrigued by several new products shown at the show. Topcon’s LN-100, reviewed in the latest newsletter was getting a lot of attention. Trimble has a layout product I will be looking at and reporting on in the future. Spectra Precision, the capable price conscious provider of technology introduced a new product; their QML800. The short story is 2 lasers, an android tablet and you mark the intersection of the laser beams to locate your point. Seems quick, low cost and easy. I’ll report on it in the near future.

One more day at the show for me than it’s back to 2 big monitors so I can get some real work done…

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