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World of Concrete, Day One

February 3, 2015 in Marco's Posts

I will find out the opening day numbers tomorrow, the Show Daily usually has them. What impressed me most was the long line to get my attendee badge upon entering the Convention Hall.

I drove from Phoenix in the morning, a beautiful 4.5 hour drive through Arizona and Nevada. The outside lots and displays seemed to occupy as much real estate in years past, with the inside seeming to be smaller. I think the number of exhibitors has stayed near the same, booth size might be getting a bit smaller.

With the increase in BIM, manufacturers have split booths to cater to their various divisions. Trimble has a Spectra Precision, Tekla and Vehicle Tracking booths to help focus on different business units.

Upbeat clients and happy vendors have me believing that people are getting a bit more optimistic. More to come…

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