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CIME Mining Show-Beijing 2013 Brief Summary + Images

September 9, 2013 in Randy's Blog

I just returned from a business trip to China and attended my first CIME Mining Show held in Beijing at the China National Convention Center. The show had over 450 exhibitors.

I was surprised at the number of Chinese equipment manufacturers that I had not seen at prior trade shows around the world nor heard of for that matter. This opened my eyes to the vast amount of equipment being manufactured inside China to meet their own internal needs. I spoke to a few of the vendors and exports were less than 5% of their business.

Most of the manufactures and mine management companies to whom I chatted had heard of 3D positioning and fleet management systems but few had implemented and none were exhibiting any solutions. As China steams ahead providing energy for its huge population and growing middle class, positioning technology is sure to play a role in their pursuit of higher productivity.

I enjoyed the show and the country is wonderful. I hope to find my way back soon.

Please find images I snapped at the show by clicking here

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