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The Internet of Things-How Android Got in Everything

June 2, 2013 in Randy's Blog


First let me say that I am a fan of Apple and the Apple ecosystem. I have been for several years. It simply works and works well. This is a less popular and less cool statement to make these days. Apple, a once underdog company with leading technology perceived to be oppressed by the IBM’ers, Microsofts and the like, has found huge success. Such is the cycle to now place them as a target, perhaps justifiable on some fronts. But it is impossible to ignore the success of Android. Android is the number one smartphone OS 4 to 1 over Apples iOSx but this does not tell the entire story.

Android has found its way into refrigerators, nanosattelites, automobiles, sensors in your shoes with more to come. Will we see Android populate data collectors for surveying, GIS, site management…. even machines? It is possible.

Part of Android’s success is attributed to Google providing the OS for free to device makers. Another strong reason is the fact that Android is open source allowing programmers to tinker with the code for deeper customization.

The Internet of Things, many sensors and devices becoming part of the increasing connected world, is the subject of a new book I am reading per my last blog. Read more here

So like I said, I believe in and benefit from the Apple ecosystem but Android cannot be ignored. So Ive added a Samsung Galaxy S4 to my personal and business device toolkit. I need to understand the potential and become familiar with the UI. Im sure no one in Cupertino is crying over my purchase. As innovators, they must understand such curiosity. In the tech world, the saying holds true, “If you dont like change, you will like irrelevance even less.”

More to come…

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