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Heading to Macworld in San Francisco, CA

I am heading to my first Macworld this morning held each January in San Francisco. This is more of a personal trip with my wife as we both are avid Mac users. But I will keep my eyes open for anything new and interesting as it may apply our industry. Somewhat related would be last [...]

January 27, 2011 in Randy's Blog
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World of Concrete 2011 Review

I just got back from World of Concrete (WOC) and thought I would offer my opinion of what I saw. The biggest question I got was regarding attendance. I guess the official count will be reported in a few days, but it was down from last year. Yes, I feel it was because the industry [...]

January 22, 2011 in Marco's Posts
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Check out this Tweet!

It seems everyone is talking about social media these days. I can’t seem to get to far down my Facebook page without at least a dozen messages regarding dining or sleeping. I like my friends who are on Facebook. It has been great for those like me who graduated from high school in the 70′s [...]

January 16, 2011 in Marco's Posts
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Happy New Year and Some work smarter tips for 2011

I would like to re-post a great blog from my colleague over at, Glenn Lehtam. Thanks Glenn for some great tips. I thought worthy of passing along. “Saving a few $$. Ok, I’ll admit it, my finances are a little shaky, hell, at least I’m not alone! Times are tough and many of us [...]

January 2, 2011 in Randy's Blog
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