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Chasing the Bounce

I was listening to a radio show about pool maintenance recently. (Insert Marco has no life comment here). They said after adding chemicals to your pool, wait 48 hours to test levels again. Without the wait you are testing an artificially high reading and “chasing the bounce” We observe interesting trends due to our unique [...]

May 26, 2010 in Marco's Posts
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Bauma – Closing Report Positive

I myself fell victim to the Icelandic volcano ash cloud, as did many others, and missed Bauma 2010 held in Munich, Germany. But despite mother nature’s meddling, officials are calling Bauma a success and “a turnaround in the international construction machinery industry, ushering in the hoped-for change in sentiment.” More from the report; “The mood [...]

May 22, 2010 in Randy's Blog
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Waste Expo – Good Friends

I have not gotten an attendance count here at Waste Expo but the traffic in the exhibit hall is very good. Always good to see old friends. Left to right: Ron Ciccarone, Scott Beathard, Randy Noland and Dave Owen.

May 5, 2010 in Randy's Blog
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Waste Expo Atlanta – Here now

I am attending Waste Expo in Atlanta this week. Caterpillar sponsored an opening reception last night that was very well attended. I hope to get some images, interviews perhaps and post this week. Stay tuned. If you are attending and would like to chat, let me know. -Randy

May 4, 2010 in Randy's Blog
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