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World of Concrete 2010 Notes

I attended the World of Concrete on behalf of Machine Control Online this past February.  As the name of the show suggests, there weren’t a lot of earthmoving machine control solutions on display.  However, there were many new and improved products for paving.  I was impressed in how many new companies had integrated machine control [...]

March 23, 2010 in Paul's Blog
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Is the hard part over??

I am no stranger to software training. I have given and taken classes. I have been at MicroStation training where all the government employees walked out of the class at 5:00 sharp, while the rest of us stayed until 6 to learn more. It seems that whatever part of the training class organization process I [...]

March 15, 2010 in Marco's Posts
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The most affordable entry point into 3D Machine Control

It is almost cliche to read an article or news item these days that begins with “In these economic times…. “, but the phrase does capture the mood I hav seen in my business travels in the US and abroad. The current economic environment presents challenges to be profitable which effects our investment choices; technology [...]

March 7, 2010 in Randy's Blog
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