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Never Hurts to Ask

One of the very first things I wanted to make very clear with my articles was that the job of a data builder is not to design the site. The job of a data builder is to recreate the engineers design. Once that is made clear to both yourself and your client, things tend to [...]

August 24, 2009 in Chad's Posts
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Splitting Hairs

There is a fine line between focusing too much on minute details and fat fingering your design too much. While the goal of any good data builder is to provide a model that is completely accurate throughout, there is a point of diminishing returns with the amount of time you are spending detailing out the [...]

July 6, 2009 in Chad's Posts
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The first thing I do when building data

In my last article, I brought up what I consider to be an important point for anyone who builds data. Since it was not the focus of the article, I brought it up in passing. I would like to dwell on it for a moment here. The first thing that I do when I get a [...]

April 15, 2009 in Chad's Posts
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